Each version has its own unique qualities to it, along with a few tricks only possible on specific versions. There's also sub-categories for changes when played on a later system.


  1. PAL60 runs at roughly 120% speed hence the PAL version was programmed to run at 50FPS. PAL and NTSC are equal.
  2. Able to clip through this* wall in Mystic Mansion.
  3. Contains all of the shaders, it was the main development version of the game as far as it is known.
  4. No jingle in the file select screen.


  1. Faster loading times than Gamecube.


  1. Start Menu prompt for 'Restart' and 'Exit'.
  2. The game runs a small amount after selecting 'Restart' and 'Exit'. This allows you to do the Early Start glitch more easily than in other versions.
  3. Missing some of the shaders. For example the path in Grand Metropolis.

Xbox 360Edit

  1. Cutscenes are rendered in 15 FPS.
  2. Slower credits.
  3. Faster loading times than Xbox.
  4. Strange musical track repeat at title screen (Son-onic Heroes!).
  5. "Continue without saving" and "Saving" text boxes stay on-screen longer.
  6. Strange graphical glitch with the Flight Gauge.

Playstation 2Edit

  1. Slowest of the loading times on real hardware.
  2. Sometimes where a lot of rendering is required or particularly in 2P mode the framerate drops.
  3. Gain control later for Team Battles.
  4. Time Stop after effect of Team Dark's team blast doesn't last as long.
  5. In Frog Forest as Team Chaotix, there are objects in the center of the small plateau holding CP1 that replace a certain sprite seen in other versions.
  6. The loading time after choosing a team in the menu is faster than in the other versions.
  7. The draw distance of robot despawning and respawning is much shorter compared to the other versions.
  8. Body Press + Umbrella and Hammer Down + Bubble in mid-air doesn't give you as much momentum than in the other versions.
  9. There's no option for deleting files individually in-game.
  10. PAL60 runs at roughly 120% speed hence the PAL version was programmed to run at 50FPS. PAL and NTSC are equal.
  11. On PAL50 the game has a habit of sometimes doubling a player's input (pressing a button twice when it was pressed once), only happens on real hardware.
  12. Missing most if not all of the shaders. For example the path in Grand Metropolis or water in Seaside Hill. Most shaders were replaced by animated textures.
  13. The game will run at half of the refresh rate of your screen (25FPS if at 50Hz and 30FPS if at 60Hz).
  14. The game does not use soft shadowing unlike the other versions, all of the characters' shadows are circular and so are many of the objects and enemies.
  15. (Using NTSC version - SLUS-20718) The circle button acts as a forward button in the menus unlike the X button which you'd expect.
  16. Has great load times on emulators, on average they are about 7 seconds flat from the time they start loading (Using 4790k OCd to 4.5GHz), faster than on Dolphin (GameCube emulator). (Using NTSC version SLUS-20718).
  17. (PAL ONLY) (SLES-51950 - Europe). No Japanese language. However unlike the NTSC version it uses the X button to navigate menus, triangle button here goes backwards unlike X and triangle button on NTSC.

Playstation 3 (PSN)Edit

  1. Faster loading times than of the PS2 version.
  2. Only available in Europe and Japan.
  3. The first letter of the boss/team battle freezes on-screen after appearing.
  4. Inaccurate emulation, slight slow-down and / or speed-up every now and then.


  1. Certain loops don't have speed caps.
  2. PC exclusive glitch called the "Ultra Glide".
  3. Free Camera Mode.
  4. Team Blast Glitch has been patched, additionally 1 method of Power-in-Flight* don't work.
  5. Switching formations in the air before landing on a pinball / bingo table has no effect, your formation won't switch when you land on the table.
  6. Triangle Jump* doesn't work when you jump out of a Mid-air Kick* or Mid-air Star throw.
  7. Speed characters cannot be stunned when they're the leader making Team Battles significantly harder.
  8. Switching formations while on a slope is known to bump you into the air more often, killing your speed.
  9. Contains all of the shaders. One of them (the animated path of Grand Metropolis) is known to be different than the GC version, which compared to PC lacks a hexagonal pattern.
  10. The PC version contains a lot of duplicate textures, often ending in '___' inside the RenderWare Texture Dictionaries (TXD).
  11. Team Sonic's lines cut off on Knuckles when Team Sonic is selected in story mode (screen fades before he finishes the sound clip).
  12. Due to a rendering quirk with Blend Modes, some metallic surfaces appear different - such as Metal Madness.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • At the end of all stages & bosses in the game the characters respond with quotes based on the rank achieved, it has been reported that in some versions of the game (most often the PC port is reported) that Cream stays silent if you achieve an A rank. For unknown reasons in some copies of the game the voice clip for that is empty.
  • In NTSC-J versions of the games, Team Chaotix' team blast takes a longer amount of time to finish in an identical fashion to the 8th of October prototype, a comparison can be seen here.