The following tricks apply to Team Sonic specifically. Bear in mind that all of the tricks found in the General section can also be applied.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-100:23

Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-1

Mid-air KickEdit

A versatile trick done by kicking off of a ledge or an edge. You can jump out of this animation as well, allowing you to cross gaps you can normally only cross by flying. You can also kick out of the Rocket Accel, allowing you to go even farther. This is used in almost every level, and can be done almost anywhere as long as you can walk off the edge. 

Storage Kick & Light Speed Jump-000:21

Storage Kick & Light Speed Jump-0

Light Speed JumpEdit

Based off of Storage. After using Team Blast, get close to an enemy, and start holding the action button as if you were going to do a Rocket Accel. Stand in place and make sure you're close enough to activate Sonic's Light Attack. Let go of the Action Button and wait until the moment right before Knuckles activates the Rocket Accel, then jump and press the action button. If done properly, Sonic will be launched into the air, like he would in a Light Attack, but he will kick out of it, cancelling the animation. After the technique has been activated it can be interrupted by jumping.

Note: Having to use a Team Blast makes this trick quite time consuming during SS runs, making it mostly (though not completely) useless.

Storage KickEdit

Based off of Storage. It allows Sonic to start kicking while in midair. It can be done out of the jumping animation or out of the Blue Tornado, cancelling the animation and giving you height and distance. Currently,  very little is known about abusing this trick in RTA.

Note: the video for this trick is combined with the video for Light Speed Jump

Blue Black Tornado Cancel00:27

Blue Black Tornado Cancel

Blue Tornado CancelEdit

If you use Blue Tornado against certain objects and structures (such as unbreakable metal boxes and stone blocks in Seaside Hill), the Blue Tornado animation will be cancel, giving you an instant height gain. Be aware that if an enemy is nearby and you cancel the Blue Tornado, the effect will home in on the enemy, not at your current location.

Jump StorageEdit

After doing a kick, the game stores a jumping like state if you go off of edges, allowing you to do a Blue Tornado, Jump Dash, or Homing Attack without actually jumping.

Light Dash Cancel00:21

Light Dash Cancel

Light Dash CancelEdit

This trick is done by switching to power formation or flight formation when doing the Light Dash. You can switch back to speed formation after passing the line of rings if desired. This doesn't always work (only when the Light Dash is "on the ground"). Doing a Light Dash a short distance away tends to make it more consistent for certain trails of rings.

Note: the timing of the switch depends on the path of rings. Sometimes you can only switch formations at the beginning. You retain more speed by switching formations as late as possible.

Laser Skip (Sonic)00:14

Laser Skip (Sonic)


Laser Skip Variant (Sonic)Edit

Aim a Kick diagonally into the set of lasers. If done correctly, Sonic will meet the corner (made by the laser intersecting with the wall) and go right through

Note: this only works on certain sets of lasers

Miles "Tails" ProwerEdit

As of right now, there aren't any tricks that only work as Tails. Only general tricks apply.

Knuckles the EchidnaEdit

Power-In-Flight-Formation Glitch00:48

Power-In-Flight-Formation Glitch

Power-In-Flight-Formation GlitchEdit

Get into the Fighting Pose by pressing the action button. Then do a Fireball Jump and switch to Tails at the exact same time. Make sure NOT to let go of the stick while doing the glitch. It allows you to move Knuckles as if he were the leader, even though the game has assigned that role to Tails. This is only really a speed trick during the end of Bingo Highway. Anywhere else, it's just a trick for fun.

Door Skip (Knuckles)00:09

Door Skip (Knuckles)


Door Skip Variant (Knuckles)Edit

Aim a Rocket Accel diagonally at a door, have Sonic touch the door, then switch to Knuckles, where you'll head towards the corner of the door. If done correctly, you'll go through the door. If this doesn't work, you can also switch back to Sonic. That might cause it to work.

Note: this can only be done on certain doors.

Bingo Highway Skip Edit

For this trick it's highly recommended you watch this step by step explanation:

Step 1: Get to the location in the video, jump onto the white ledge, switch to power formation and get your teammates off the level by Gliding (Fire Dunking doesn't work as it has a different method of calling your teammates back). After that position yourself with your right side towards the edge so that Tails doesn't have anything to stand on when he automatically returns after 3 seconds, this will cause Tails to be stored far into the level waiting for a chance to come back.

Step 2: Jump onto the pinball table. Make sure there still is no ground for Tails to land on to the right of you while jumping. When you're on the pinball table you no longer have to worry about Tails coming back and you will now stay on the table/spring for roughly 33 seconds. During these 33 seconds there's 2 things to take care of; 1: Make sure Sonic lands on the table so he will be instantly available for the next step. 2: Every time you hit the spring there's a short amount of time where you cannot move, hold forward during these time periods to manipulate Tails into a better position.

Step 3: When the 33 seconds are over leave the pinball table and then quickly jump back onto the white ledge, punch and jump. This has to be done within 3 seconds after landing or Tails will come back automatically.

Step 4: Pinball Table Launching. Punch onto the table, but make sure Tails doesn't have any ground to land on or he'll come back instantly. When you're on the table switch to Tails and you'll be way out into the level, wait for your teammates to join you then proceed with step 5.

Step 5: Navigate your way to the goal ring without hitting the killplanes. It's highly recommended to look at a video or figure out your own route for this.

Note: Switching to Tails in Step 4 can cause Power in Flight formation glitch. Don't panic, you can still do the rest normally as long as you switch to power formation before landing, but since the draw distance is on Tails you can't see certain assets like the aerial bingo above the goal ring and as such can't use these as for navigation. On the plus side this also means the killplanes aren't there.

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