The following tricks apply to Team Rose specifically. Keep in mind that all of the general tricks apply to them as well.

Amy RoseEdit

Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-100:23

Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-1

Mid-Air TwirlEdit

Much like the Mid-Air Kick, if you Hammer Twirl off of an edge or ledge, you will be able to cross gaps the speed character normally can't leap over unaided. Unlike the Mid-Air Kick, the Mid-Air Twirl can't cross gaps without speed, so it's recommended you only do it out of a Rocket Accel or a Body Press.

Storage HammerEdit

Like the Storage Kick, you get the Storage Hammer by jumping right before your teammates hit you to cause the Rocket Accel animation to start. This trick is useless.

Door Skip Variant (Amy)Edit

Switch to Amy out of a Body Press, then use Cream to Rocket Accel towards the door. Hold the action button immediately after the Rocket Accel to roll. If done correctly, you should be through.

Note: you must be very precise to get this to work, and this method only works on certain doors.

Cream the RabbitEdit

As of right now, there aren't any tricks that only work as Cream. Only general tricks apply.

Big the CatEdit

Gravity Pound00:21

Gravity Pound


Gravity PressEdit

Doing a Body Press on certain inclined surfaces (mainly rails) will cause the game to send you Body Pressing in the direction of gravity, which tends to change depending on the surface. It's use depends on the area.

Ground Glide00:19

Ground Glide


Body Press - Umbrella ComboEdit

If you do an Umbrella out of a Body Press right before you touch the ground, you will get carryover speed. You can also use another Umbrella afterwards to keep that carryover speed for a small amount of time longer. This can be done from any height, but it's more difficult to do this at lower heights. You can also do this out of a horizontal Gravity Press.

Body Press Ground Pound Formation Change Combo00:32

Body Press Ground Pound Formation Change Combo


Delayed Body Press Bounce00:10

Delayed Body Press Bounce.-0

Body Press - Character SwitchEdit


Gains carryover speed. Faster than regular acceleration as Amy alone. Works well with Midair Twirl if you don't need a Rocket Accel to cross the gap.


Gains slightly more height than a regular jump as the belly flop normally gains more height than a regular jump, but less height than the Flight Accel Jump.

Delayed Body Press/Bounce

Bounce Cancel00:08

Bounce Cancel


If you Body Press, switch to Amy, then switch back to Big, you will do a bounce as if you just did a regular Body Press however will travel a minimal but useful in certain cases distance as Amy before doing so. An alternate way to do this trick is to actually switch to Cream after switching to Amy, where in this case you're essentially doing the trick in the subsection above to gain some height. An example of both can be seen on the right.

Bounce Cancel

Sonic Heroes Power Formation Flying02:23

Sonic Heroes Power Formation Flying


If you the delayed body press. You can cancel this bounce if you press the jump button as you switch back to Big.

Power FlyingEdit

By doing a Gravity Press, you have a short interval of time to pull out Big's Umbrella before gravity is reverted. If you perform a Glide Cancel, then let go of the action button, you can do another Gravity Press without the direction of gravity changing. You can chain these together infinitely as long as you don't hit kill planes.

Note: this trick is quite useful for RAs

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