The following tricks apply to Team Chaotix specifically. Keep in mind that all of the general tricks apply to them as well.

Espio the ChameleonEdit

Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-100:23

Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-1

Mid-Air Star ThrowEdit

Much like the Mid-Air Kick and Mid-Air Twirl, the Mid-Air Star Throw is a trick done by having Espio throw his shuriken off of a ledge or an edge followed by jumping out of said animation to cross gaps that speed characters normally cannot do alone. Sadly, the Mid-Air Star Throw is the least-potent of the 3, but it's still very useful throughout the game. Like the other 2 variations of the trick, you can increase the distance by adding a Rocket Accel, and, much like the Mid-Air Twirl, you can Star Throw out of Vector's Ground Pound for a much quicker way to gain more distance, despite being less than the amount a standard Rocket Accel gives

Storage Star Throw00:11

Storage Star Throw


Storage Star ThrowEdit

Based off of Storage, Espio is able to throw his Shuriken from the jumping animation. Not much is known about how to abuse this trick in real time. This trick is completely useless.

Leaf Swirl Cancel00:06

Leaf Swirl Cancel


Leaf Swirl CancelEdit

Based off of Storage. This trick is done by having a decent amount of speed, going in a constant direction, then rolling for a small amount of time followed by jumping and activating the Leaf Swirl animation after one of your teammates is in position for a Rocket Accel. This will cancel the Leaf Swirl animation, replacing it with the Star Throw animation, which you can easily jump out, essentially giving you instant invisibility . The Storage Star Throw CANNOT be gotten with this method unless you use Leaf Swirl. This is only useful in Extra Mission ILs, as normal ILs don't require Espio's camoflauge.

Door Skip Variant Espio00:06

Door Skip Variant Espio

Door Skip Variant (Espio)Edit

Aim a Rocket Accel diagonally at the corner of a door and do a Star Throw out of the Rocket Accel. If done correctly, you should go right through. The Star Throw method also aids with regular door skips (which don't require specific aiming).

Note: this only works on certain doors.

Charmy BeeEdit

Infinite Flight Glitch00:29

Infinite Flight Glitch


Infinite Flight GlitchEdit

This glitch is done when Charmy walks on Vector for a frame while flying. This causes the Flight Gauge to reset, since Charmy was "on the ground." The best way to do this is to Thundershoot Vector right before Espio comes back and from a lower height start Flight Acceling your way back to your maximum height. A common trend is Vector's return path is delayed, but it doesn't always happen. This trick is picky as well, and sometimes just won't work consistently, depending on the area. Sometimes it will work consistently, however. It also works well when you're moving, but that causes the Flight Gauge to deplete, so it's not recommended.

Clipping Through CeilingsEdit

You can clip through ceilings if you use the Infinite Flight Glitch against walls that intersect with ceilings. It's very inconsistent, unfortunately, ranging between 3 height resets and 100+ height resets. Theoretically, you don't need walls in order to do this trick, but it's near-impossible to do RTA. It's also theoretically possible to do this glitch as all teams, but, again, it'd take hours to even get it once and thus cannot be done RTA.

Mid-Air Team BlastEdit

This glitch is very similar to the Infinite Flight Glitch, only instead of using it to allow you to fly again, you're spamming the Team Blast button  in order to perform the Team Blast on the frame that Charmy "walks" on Vector's head.

Note: this is a one frame trick, meaning you HAVE to press the Team Blast button on the frame Charmy lands on Vector's head. This is also useful in Chaotix RAs* (link needed).

Flower Glitch00:31

Flower Glitch

Flower GlitchEdit

1. If you sting a flower and jump on it, you teleport. If you restart during this teleportation and go near ANY flower, it'll open automatically. TAKE NOTE OF THE TIME IT OPENS! Wait 2-2.1 seconds after it automatically opens and restart, going near any of flowers makes them open and allows you to teleport the instant you jump on it. This carries over to any level until you open up another flower.

Note: this is a two-step process that is only useful in ILs. If you only do step one, you have to wait about 2-3 seconds before being able to teleport. Also, if you wait any longer than 2.1 seconds, the Flower Glitch resets completely. This may be different on versions other than the XBOX versions.

2. When you come out of a flower, if you quickly get out of draw distance, which is usually done using a Hammer Down with Vector or quickly Jump Dashing away with Espio, you will also get Flower Glitch. Unfortunately in Single Segment runs, GC, the version most runners currently use, cannot use this, which is described below.

Flower Glitch Storage Edit

If you do Flower Glitch and go to a different level, the game will store it until the next level. This is useful for ILs where the flower is in deep as well as Single Segment for Bingo Highway (gotten in Power Plant) and Lost Jungle (gotten in Bullet Station). It saves about in both ILs and SS runs, but it DOES eliminate needing to open the flower in the first place, alleviating a small annoyance.

Note: This CANNOT be done on the Gamecube version, while it CAN be done on every other version.

Catch-up Flight/Infinite Flight Glitch Combo Edit

As stated above, the Infinite Flight Glitch is done when Charmy walks on Vector's head for a frame, and Catch-up Flight (link needed) is when the Flight character needs to catch up to his/her teammates and causes a large gain in speed. This speed is usually either equal to or faster than the speed at which a character has when you use Thundershoot. If you combine these and aim in the right direction, IFG will occur, giving you extra height along with a decent amount of speed carried over.

Note: This is a VERY difficult trick and currently only has one use, which is in Ocean Palace. It saves a very small amount of time and is too difficult for anyone to consider using it in the run.

Vector the CrocodileEdit

Gravity Pound00:21

Gravity Pound


Gravity PoundEdit

Much like the Gravity Press, Hammering Down on certain inclined surfaces (mainly rails) will cause the game to send you Hammering Down in the direction of gravity, which tends to change depending on the surface. It's use depends on the area.

Ground Glide00:19

Ground Glide


Hammer Down - Bubble ComboEdit

Much like the Body Press - Umbrella Combo, you do a Bubble as Vector out of a Hammer Down right before actually touching the ground in order to gain carryover speed. You can also use another Bubble afterwards to keep that carryover speed for a small amount of time longer. This can be done from any height, but it's more difficult to do this at lower heights.  You can also do this out of a horizontal Gravity Pound.

Body Press Ground Pound Formation Change Combo00:32

Body Press Ground Pound Formation Change Combo


Hamer Down - Character SwitchEdit


Gains carryover speed. Faster than regular acceleration as Espio alone. Works well with Midair Star Throw if you don't need a Rocket Accel to cross the gap.


Delayed Body Press Bounce00:10

Delayed Body Press Bounce.-0

Gains slightly more height than a regular jump, but less height than the Flight Accel Jump.

Bounce Cancel-100:08

Bounce Cancel-1


Delayed Hammer Down Bounce

If you Hammer Down, switch to Espio, then switch back to Vector, you will do a bounce as if you just did a regular Hammer Down however will travel a minimal but useful in certain cases distance as Espio before doing so. An alternate way to do this trick is to actually switch to Charmy after switching to Espio, where in this case you're essentially doing the trick in the subsection above to gain some height. An example of both can be seen on the right.

Bounce Cancel
Sonic Heroes Power Formation Flying02:23

Sonic Heroes Power Formation Flying


If you the delayed hammer down. You can cancel this bounce if you press the jump button as you switch back to Vector.

Power FlyingEdit

By doing a Gravity Pound, you have a short interval of time to have Vector blow a Bubble before gravity is reverted. If you perform a Glide Cancel, then let go of the action button, you can do another Gravity Pound without the direction of gravity changing. You can chain these together infinitely as long as you don't hit kill planes.

Note: this trick is excellent for a few RAs

The Stepping Stone / Mid-Air Trip / Mid-Air StopEdit

This trick isn't a useful trick, but it's a run killer. Vector has collision detection that reacts with the other characters, meaning you can do things such as walk on his head and jump off of his head. While useful, jumping off of his head CANNOT be used in RTA due to being unpredictable.


I: Tripping while in mid-air (making you lose all of your momentum. If you aren't near any type of floor or ground, you're dead).

II: Jumping off of Vector's head.

III: Character switching in mid-air.

IV: Random Infinite Flight Glitch.

V: Having your homing attack blocked.

How to avoid death by mid-air trip

You can avoid dying from tripping on Vector's head (as Espio), by making sure you having Charmy selected as your leader when you're in mid-air. If you do this, you'll simply switch to Charmy, allowing you to fly to safety if this occurs. Just remember to take note of where this CAN happen so you can prepare yourself accordingly.

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