Sonic Heroes Chaotix's Story in 50 5555:05

Sonic Heroes Chaotix's Story in 50 55.66 WR

Here, you'll find the current WR run (to the right of this text box). This is placed to show the strats used for each level. Below, you'll find videos on Beginner Strats and Back-up Strats (for levels that contain multiple routes that are determined by RNG). Feel free to mix the strats used in the SS WR, the IL WRs, and the Beginner Strats videos to better suit your current skill level. Maybe even find your own strats that work best for you.  Remember to read up on the Tricks & Glitches and Basics sections BEFORE learning the strats.

Overall, memorization and routing is key to Chaotix's levels, making them the hardest team to learn. Since you're working around the level, not just through it, you have to focus a lot more on using flight and power formation than the other teams.


Chaotix Seaside Hill Beginner Strats-101:08

Chaotix Seaside Hill Beginner Strats-1

Seaside Hill

Your objective on this level is to collect 10 of the 20 Hermit Crabs that can be found in the level. The route for this level is pretty straightforward: just get the first 10 crabs you come across. You start off by going through the level as fast as you can untill you reach the top of the first ramp where you will jump off to the side of the level to grab the first crab. After that, get back up by flying as Charmy  (as it's faster than using the spring) and you will run into the second crab pretty much right away. Snipe him off his platform with a well-aimed Jump Dash and then continue to go through the level normally untill you come across the first breakable block, which is where the third crab is hiding. Use a Hammer Down into Speed Formation* on the left side of the block to break the block, get the crab and get a bunch of speed, and then Jump Dash onto the boost pad that will take you to the platform with the fourth crab, which you will once again snipe with a Jump Dash. Continue to make your way through the level untill you make your way to the pillars and breakable blocks, where the fifth crab is waiting for you on top of the left pillar. After that, just travel through the level in speed formation untill you reach the beach, where the sixth crab is chilling on the first platform to your left as well as the seventh crab, who is hiding under the breakable block on the third pillar to your right. You can pretty easily get him with a Hammer Down into Flight Formation*. Next up, go into the cannon in flight formation, leading you to the eighth crab, after which you will immediately drop down to the wooden crate on the pillar down below where the ninth crab is hiding. Finally, climb up to the big platform, use the spring, and Jump Dash at the peak to travel to the the movable block that is hiding the final crab. If you need tips for optimal movement, please refer to the video.

Note: the crabs move in in-level cycles based upon the game timer. These cycles are consistent every single time you enter the level, so there's no need to brace yourself for bad RNG. However, using different strats will ultimately lead to the crabs being in slightly different positions based on these cycles, which might throw you off. Not to worry; the cycles are consistent, meaning the only thing you need to do is practice until you're familiar with the new positions.

Chaotix Ocean Palace Beginner Strats-001:27

Chaotix Ocean Palace Beginner Strats-0

Ocean Palace

<Insert strats here>

Egg Hawk

<insert strats here>

Chaotix Grand Metropolis Beginner Strats04:08

Chaotix Grand Metropolis Beginner Strats

Grand Metropolis

<insert strats here>

Chaotix Power Plant Beginner Strats01:15

Chaotix Power Plant Beginner Strats

Power Plant

This stage is done in two segments due to routing. Your objective is to destroy 3 out of the 5 gold turtle robots. The strat starts off destroying the very first turtle robot you see. This opens up an upward path. Upon reaching the top, tap the jump button ONCE to start flying, stopping your upward momentum, allowing you to land quickly. Switch to Vector and do a Hammer Down into Flight Formation* to quickly get to the top of the higher platform, where you'll destroy a flying enemy, go up a path, and destroy another flying enemy. After that, Rocket Accel with proper timing up the moving path. Reaching the end, switch to Charmy and jump. Make sure you're stopping your upward momentum like you did with the first upward path! Once at the top, switch to Espio and use a Rocket Accel, then switch back to Charmy right before the pulley and grab onto it. Switching to Espio after landing, then switching to Vector after passing the enemies. Upon getting to the next wall, do another Hammer Down to Flight Formation on top of the red device directly in front of you. After reaching maximum height, do some Flight Accels to quickly go up the upward path. At the top, you'll see the first caged gold turtle robot. Switch to Espio and Rocket Accel into the cage to launch the robot into the air, comically going through the roof of its cage. Switch to Vector and use a Hammer Down to destroy the flailing robot after it lands, then Hammer Down into Speed Formation* towards the two weights. AVOID THE CHECKPOINT! The next gold turtle robot is directly ahead of you, and the pulley to get up there is above the weight farther-away from you. If you're lucky, the first weight will be on the ground as you get close to it, where you can just jump off of it as Charmy and grab the pulley with no problem. If this doesn't happen, run under it, Hammer Down to Flight Formation directly in front of the weight in the back, and start flying at the peak of the bounce. Flight Accel once before touching the pulley to get onto it. At the top, you'll see the second gold turtle robot. Just like the last one, Rocket Accel, switch to Vector, and Hammer Down to destroy the gold turtle robot after it lands. Kill yourself afterwards. You should be back at the beginning. Turn around, use a Rocket Accel, and take the flower. You will find the final gold turtle robot surrounded by a few enemies. Ignore them. Use Leaf Swirl on the final robot and take it out with Vector.

Versus Team Dark

The goal is simple: knock off the other team's characters. It's a lot harder than it sounds. Team Battles are potential run-enders and, unfortunately, our strats aren't extremely consistent. Refer to the Team Battles* page for an explanation on the mechanics and tips to help prevent this run-ender from ending your run.

At the start of the Team Battle, you want to stun Omega. To do this, you need to switch to Charmy as soon as you gain control of your team, Thundershoot, press the jump button immediately after, followed by another Thundershoot directly after that (don't hold the stick in any direction, or you risk losing one of your teammates). If things decided to go correctly, Omega will be stunned for a short period of time. Switch to Vector and hit Omega with a Crunch Attack as soon as his invincibility frames run out (indicated when he stops flashing). Destroy the boxes in the back and proceed to spam Leaf Swiril with Espio to finish Team Dark off.

Note: this strat is highly flawed and works with a success rate of 50% or less. We recommend reading up on how Team Battles work so you don't lose 20-30 seconds due to Team Battle shenanigans.

Chaotix Casino Park Beginner Strats00:37

Chaotix Casino Park Beginner Strats

Casino Park

The easiest stage to learn in the entire game. The objective is to collect 200 rings, which are obtained using the slot glitch. Generally, you start off this stage by collecting a number of rings, then taking a spring leading to a cannon at the bottom of the pinball table. You can take two paths here.

Method 1: The easier method; take the cannon as Espio and switch to Charmy mid-flight. At the top of this section of the pinball table, you'll see dash arrows. Try to hit the top of them. You'll pass the bumper, going to the left part of the pinball table with a small slot machine. Go down the path left of the arrow-shaped bumpers to find another cannon, which you'll take as Charmy. This cannon will shoot you up to a single slot machine which you need to perform the Slot Glitch* on. Enjoy your unlimited supply of rings!

Method 2: Jump off to the left towards the flippers at the bottom-center of the pinball table. Switch to Charmy while in midair. Hit yourself with one of the flippers, aiming towards the arrow-shaped bumpers. Try to avoid touching the tube. Take the path to the left of the arrow-shaped bumper path, take the cannon with Charmy and perform the Slot Glitch*.

Chaotix Bingo Highway Beginner Strats01:59

Chaotix Bingo Highway Beginner Strats

Bingo Highway

<Insert strats here>

Robot Carnival

<insert strats here>

Chaotix Rail Canyon Beginner Strats03:25

Chaotix Rail Canyon Beginner Strats


Rail Canyon

<Insert strats here>

Chaotix Bullet Station Beginner Strats03:40

Chaotix Bullet Station Beginner Strats

Bullet Station

<Insert strats here>

Egg Albatross

<insert strats here>

Chaotix Frog Forest Beginner Strats02:29

Chaotix Frog Forest Beginner Strats


Frog Forest

<Insert strats here>

Chaotix Lost Jungle Beginner Strats01:24

Chaotix Lost Jungle Beginner Strats


Lost Jungle

<Insert strats here>

Versus Team Rose

As with the Team Dark fight, you want to stun Team Rose's leader as soon as possible with a Thundershoot. As the fight begins, switch to Charmy and press the action button to Thundershoot. immediately after, tap the jump button, followed by another press of the action button to do another Thundershoot immediately after. Don't push the stick in ANY direction, or you risk losing a teammate. If done correctly, Team Rose will be successfully stunned. Then proceed to spam Leaf Swirl as Espio, first aiming mainly at the leader, and then the other characters.

Alternatively, Hammer Down at the location Team Rose spawns, pause at the right time, and restart. If done correctly, Team Rose will be hit after the restart, giving you an effortless victory.

Note: If you fail the first strat and can't do the alternative strat, refer to the Team Battle* page, where the mechanics of Team Battles are explained and tips are given to prevent this run-ender from ending your run.

Chaotix Hang Castle Beginner Strats02:34

Chaotix Hang Castle Beginner Strats

Hang Castle

<Insert strats here>

Chaotix Mystic Mansion Beginner Strats04:53

Chaotix Mystic Mansion Beginner Strats


Mystic Mansion

<Insert strats here>

Robot Storm

<insert strats here>

Chaotix Egg Fleet Beginner Strats02:16

Chaotix Egg Fleet Beginner Strats


Egg Fleet

<Insert strats here>

Chaotix Final Fortress Beginner Strats01:42

Chaotix Final Fortress Beginner Strats


Final Fortress

Ironically, the final stage in the game is one of the easiest stages to learn as Chaotix. The objective for this level is to find 5 out of the total 10 keys. Start off by taking the power gong onto the rail leading to the next part of the level and then use Vector to destroy the first pair of enemies in front of you, earning you your first key. Then switch to Charmy and take the upper path, which you can barely make. Thundershooting helps a lot here. Proceed onto the rail, switching to Charmy and jumping at the last moment to get you on top of some type of structure with a flower in the back. Ignore the flower. If you'd like, you can destroy the enemies here, as they can get pretty annoying. Your second key awaits inside the destructible object centered on the structre. Take the Power Gong and follow the platforms, where you'll eventually see two cannons and a robot on one. Just go straight from that point, passing the spiked balls and balloon, and you'll see another enemy. Upon its defeat, the cage behind it will open for the third key. Fall down immediately after, getting a Team Blast balloon, and keep going forward. Very soon after, you'll come across a ramp, which you go up using a Dash Panel. A Hammer Robot is waiting at the top. Destroy it with a Team Blast to unlock the cage containing the fourth key. Take the spring, follow the rail, and you'll come encounter two shielded enemies and a cage with a cannon. Use Espio's Leaf Swirl to take care of the shields, finishing off the robots with Vector. Take the cannon as Vector and proceed to mash the jump button to shoot yourself into some seemingly indestructible boxes. There's a switch under these boxes that activates the fan on the platform directly in front of you. Let its current take you up to a really high platform, where the final key is located. Just remember: refer to the video if anything seems unclear to you.

Egg Emperor

<insert strats here>

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