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File:Air Dash CancelFile:Airborne Rocket AccelFile:Blue Black Tornado Cancel
File:Body Press Ground Pound Formation Change ComboFile:Bounce CancelFile:Bounce Cancel-0
File:Bounce Cancel-1File:Catch-Up FlightFile:Chaotix.png
File:Chaotix Bingo Highway Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Bullet Station Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Casino Park Beginner Strats
File:Chaotix Egg Fleet Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Final Fortress Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Frog Forest Beginner Strats
File:Chaotix Grand Metropolis Backup StratsFile:Chaotix Grand Metropolis Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Hang Castle Beginner Strats
File:Chaotix Lost Jungle Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Mystic Mansion Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Ocean Palace Beginner Strats
File:Chaotix Ocean Palace Beginner Strats-0File:Chaotix Power Plant Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Power Plant Beginner Strats-0
File:Chaotix Rail Canyon Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Seaside Hill Beginner StratsFile:Chaotix Seaside Hill Beginner Strats-0
File:Chaotix Seaside Hill Beginner Strats-1File:Clip through CeilingsFile:Clip through Ceilings-0
File:Communitylogo.pngFile:Delayed Body Press Bounce.File:Delayed Body Press Bounce.-0
File:Door Skip & Laser SkipFile:Door Skip (Knuckles)File:Door Skip Variant Espio
File:Esempio.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Flight Accel Boost
File:Flight Accel JumpFile:Flight ExtendFile:Flower Glitch
File:Forum new.gifFile:Geometry AbuseFile:Gravity Pound
File:Ground GlideFile:Infinite Flight GlitchFile:Kick Twirl Star Cancel
File:Laser Skip (Sonic)File:Leaf Swirl CancelFile:Light Dash Cancel
File:Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star ThrowFile:Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-0File:Mid-Air Kick Hammer Twirl Star Throw-1
File:Momentum Transfer - FlightFile:Omochao.pngFile:Pinball Character Switch
File:Power-In-Flight-Formation GlitchFile:Przykład.jpgFile:Rails - Character Switching
File:Rose Grand Metropolis Beginner StratsFile:Rose Ocean Palace Beginner StratsFile:Rose Power Plant Beginner Strats
File:Rose Seaside Hill Beginner StratsFile:Seaside Hill Team Dark Ring Attack -- 491 Rings WRFile:Slot Glitch
File:Sonic Heroes (GC)- Pinball Mechanics Exploit (Pinball Table Launching)File:Sonic Heroes - Bop Boost Glitch TutorialFile:Sonic Heroes Chaotix's Story in 50 55.66 WR
File:Sonic Heroes Chaotix Bullet Station Behind the Start AND 999 RingsFile:Sonic Heroes Power Formation FlyingFile:Sonic Heroes Power Formation Flying-0
File:Sonic Heroes Prototype (10.8 - Beta).aviFile:Sonic Heroes T-Rose Rail Canyon - 531 Rings in 8'36''94File:Sonic Heroes Team Chaotix's Story in 52 10.57 WR
File:Spring GlitchFile:Storage Kick & Light Speed JumpFile:Storage Kick & Light Speed Jump-0
File:Storage Star ThrowFile:TB cheeses ladder with mass BansheeFile:Team Blast Glitch & Team Blast Cancel
File:Thunderboost-0File:Ultra GlideFile:Walking on trains
File:Xbox Debug Kit Gameplay (Sonic Heroes E3 Demo)