Here is listed a list of file formats Sonic Heroes uses in the game. The formats .csv and .txt were left out as they're common and can be opened on any common modern Operating System without any specialized software/tools.

  • .adx - The music files, they can be opened with a winamp plugin or extracted using tools such as PES Sound Converter. LAV Splitter and LAV Audio Decoder can handle those too.
  • .afs - Contains all the files responsible for the in game dialogue/sound spoken by the characters.
  • .anm - Contains the character and menu animations. It is a depreciated RenderWare format.
  • .bin - Can be many things depending on the filename and file, for example some bins in heroes contain the lighting data, level object placement, particle data and some camera. Bin stands for binary.
  • .cl - Collision files most definitively although the format and how it is used is unknown. Is under a folder called collision as only type of file and is used, as expected for collision data. Reportedly Total of Sonic Retro has found out how to extract meshes from the format although he didn't share anything regarding it.
  • .conf - Configuration. Self explanatory.
  • .dat - Shorthand for the word DATA. Generic extension used with files used by variety of applications.
  • .dds - DirectDraw Surface. Usually used as textures for games nowadays. Supports mipmaps, cube maps, and volume maps. These are found inside .TXD and are infact used as textures in heroes.
  • .dff - Renderware engine model file, or a clump file to be more precise.
  • .dol - GameCube boot module. Contains main code for all elements that affect players in-game.
  • .fon - Comes in the form of sega.fon, sega_a.fon and sega_j.fon, they're some kind of font files, although nothing seems to be capable of opening them.
  • .met - Renderware SDK font format used in drawing text.
  • .mlt - Contains sound effects to be played by the proprietary GCAX Sound Driver.
  • .one - Archive file format used in heroes. Inside are generally contained models and animations. I recommend using HeroesONE.
  • .prs - Compression format. Contains generic compressed data.
  • .rel - GameCube relocatable module files. They contain a lot of game code and data such as spawning points, rank requirements, winning locations, splines (and rails), dynamic objects loaded into the stage etc. MainMemory is known for having written tools for working with them which are available. Inside you can find interesting info as well such as object properties in ASCII, or control placement of certain scripted dynamic objects as well as the programmed environment (example).
  • .scc - Unknown. Every folder has this file at least in the prototype and is generally bigger as the folder has more files. It is probably something that was used in order to speed up searches by the devs.
  • .scr - Event related, controls what happens in the current event, probably short for SCRIPT, has an unknown format used.
  • .sfd - SofDec video file format. They can be converted into an .mpg, however there might be sound issues with it working too fast.
  • .spl - I don't know personally, but has stage numbers appended to the files, less stages also than actual ones. They could potentially be splines separated from the stage's relocatable module file itself.
  • .txc - Unknown, has stage numbers appended to them.
  • .txd - Archive with the texture files for the RenderWare engine. Every TXD Archive from Sonic Heroes can be opened by Magic.TXD tool.
  • .utx - Unknown format used definitively for main menu text, opening the prototype version (from 10.8) with a hex editor shows main menu strings for the GC, XBOX and PS2 versions. All the characters are separated with a dot with one before and after each word aswell. i.e. .(P.S.2.). or .X.B.O.X.

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