This is the Competition section. Assuming you've read the basics and tricks & glitches section for your desired team, this part contains the one thing that forges champions: strats. If you're eager to learn beginner strats, you can find them in the Single Segment section under the posted WR (which may or may not be up-to-date).

Remember that you can make up your own strats to fit your needs and skill level. Experimentation is key. Don't follow all of these by the book 100% of the time. Champs don't just copy strats, they make their own. The deadliest competitor is one who can do both.

Speedrunning: Individual LevelEdit

All you need to know for getting that sweet time you've been striving for. All IL stats are tracked at <link to The Sonic Center needed>.

Note: only WR strats and records will be posted here.

Speedrunning: Single SegmentEdit

This section contains information useful for Single Segment speedrunning. Bear in mind that you'll need to read up on a few of these, as some levels and bosses require RNG, meaning multiple routes are possible.

Ring AttackEdit

Ring Attacking is a very common sight at <link to TSC needed>. As the name implies, the objective is to gather as many rings as possible within the stage in hopes of getting the max amount possible. Unfortunately, due to a glitch that gives you an infinite amount of points that can be done almost everywhere, Score Attack is not tracked.

Special StagesEdit

Technically a special form of Score Attack, Special Stages have you running down a tube (which are reminiscent of Sonic 2 Special Stages), collecting colored spheres, dodging explosive spike-balled-mine-thingies, and switching formations. They offer yet another feature to the Sonic Heroes collection. The score you get at the end of the Special Stage is tracked.

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